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Automatic Fire Extinguisher

1. Cause of Fire Disaster, 2015

2. Causes of Electric Fire

3. Characteristics

   a. Ultra Light & Stand-alone
   b. Fully Automatic & No electric power needed
   c. Covers various types of fire(A,B,C)
   d. No Residues after extinguish(Residue “0”)
   e. No harmful for humans(Environmental materials)
   f. The Cheapest method on Cabinets
   g. Various models for the spaces (0.01㎥ ~ 2.0㎥)

4. Specification

   a. Polymer Tube contains Clean chemical liquids(Effective fire extinguishing liquids : HFC-227ea or novec 1230)
   b. Automatically reacts at specific temperature(110±10℃)
   c. Full Autonomous Mode(Fire Extinguishes within 10 seconds)

5. Installation Images

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