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YDK Heat Detector Wire

Welcome to YDK Linear Heat Detector Wire!

You can take much more benefits of cost & quality than made in USA & Germany.

YDK HDW(Heat Detection Wire)

Do you want to protect your factories or facilities?
You can save much more money with YDK HDW(Heat Detecting Wire). (Made in KOREA)

The heat detecting wire for fire protection below is installed in parallel along Litz Wire or Cable in clean room such as LCD or semi-conductor production line, unmanned factory(or warehouse), railroad or power plant.

Installed Examples

It detects and alarm because the temperature around cables or wires is going up before a fire breaking out. We conduct temperature the reaction test as following and it should be reacted within 20~60 sec. at specific temperature you need.


The reaction test(within 20~60sec.) at specific temperature at 95℃

How to proceed

The Progress Order is as following.

a. Set the analog temperature as 95℃. ( We use soybean oil instead of water. )
b. Set the digital temperature as 95℃.
c. Two heat-sensitive wires of one end are connected to a measuring instrument.
d. Check the reaction time to sound an alarm.
e. Specimens are randomly selected.

However, if a specific temperature you want is a little lower, the wire should not react over the long time. That's why we conduct low temperature reaction test more than 2 weeks as following.

The reaction test at specific temperature

While the low temperature reaction test is being progressed, the heat detecting wires should not be contacted in any surface. It could make the wire’s test result changed. It is needed to react by only heated circulation air. If it is contacted in wall or bottom, its temperature is higher than desired temperature. Therefore, it should be reacted. The three thermometers are installed in top, middle & bottom of the chamber.

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