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About Us!

Welcome to YDK Heat Detecting Wire. We are professional manufacturer in this field.
YDK is the excellent manufacturer of heat detector wire in Korea.

About Us!

We, YDK have been studying the heat detector wire’s material & properties of USA, Japanese & Germany leading companies well known more than 10 years because our goal is surely to become the world’s best manufacturer in this field. As a result, our products could have reached to the stabilized level evaluated by the customers. One of our solutions helps you to protect your factories, warehouses and facilities etc. We are able to provide you the high quality products with very competitive unit price for winning your every bidding. Therefore, our engineers are always dedicated to the endless R&D in order to maintain the highest quality and price policy. The engineers’ service is not stay here as well as they would provide you customized solutions to meet as per the customer’s needs or working conditions each. In word, our counter-strategy has been made pretty well. Lots of global companies have selected YDK Heat Detecting Wire during the past 10 years and they have satisfied with the our quality and price. We have built the customer’s confidence and trust regarding the YDK Heat Detector Wire. In addition, we will consistently follow you through our professional and ensured team workers using global networks on our products. We are sure you will be satisfied with our staff well educated.

Our Goals!

1. Customer-oriented100%
3. Market-oriented100%
2. Service-oriented100%


Our company was established in 1990. High Frequency Litz Wire is our main product.

1990 year, Foundation

We were able to have a chance to develop Heat Detecting Wire because we had special ability regarding chemical properties. We found the melting point at specific degree and applied it to the conductor and insulation for the closest reacting of suitable tension and melting properties.

2005 year, Developing Heat Detecting Wire for fire protection

YDK started to export it to Japanese company which has imported YDK litz wires.

2006 year, Japanese Market Starting

YDK developed the new temp. grade product to divide by temperature class.

2008 year, New Product Developed

We have been started to supply it LG & Samsung subsidiaries and distributors.

2013 year, Domestic Market Starting

YDK has started to export it to UK company which had imported YDK litz wires.

2014 year, England Market Starting

YDK has supplied to Indonesia and European countries.

2015 year, Indonesia and Eu Market Starting
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