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The Place We Install

YDK heat detecting wire is used in various fields as following. Usually, it used in factories and warehouses with no people.

Tire factories or warehouses

A large fire estimated losses of 60 million dollars occurred at Hankook Tire factory in South Korea in Sept-2014. The exact cause of the fire has not been found yet. High heat generated during manufacturing the tires is extremely vulnerable environment to fire. In addition, the environment to occur a large number of toxic gases including sulfur gas makes dangerousness higher. YDK Heat Detector Wire has been recently installed in generated point of a heat at this tire factory and it is very carefully managed for avoiding the same situation.

Unmanned Factories

The customers operating automation equipment system are looking for YDK HDW for protect properties. In particular, it is installed in LED, LCD & Semi-conductor automation line needed to maintain clean air without fine dust because many staff cannot stay such places.

Unmanned Warehouses

YDK HDW(Heat Detector Wire) is used for large scale warehouses. Think about it. Even if lots of staff try to watch the fire sign, it is very hard to detect the temperature rising before a fire starts as well as it costs a lot. YDK HDW solves it simply. Especially, it detects the specific parts or portion that human cannot find or manage. Therefore, it notices warning in advance. It is essentially installed in a warehouse to store expensive products or important items.

Power Plants

A power plant is a large-scale facility. It is the system to use a coal or oil for generating. Therefore, a fire caused a huge explosion. If you look at the scene of power plant, the height of the chimney and storeroom is very high which means it is very hard to do suppression of fire. YDK Heat Detector Wire is being used frequently in these kinds of circumstances and can prevent in advance of a larger fire like the Beijing power plant explosion in Mar-2015.

Semi Conductor lines

YDK Heat Detecting Wire is used in semiconductor factory because most of facilities are automated except small number of workers. It means it is very hard to find a fire in advance by a few staffs. The fire causes a serious loss to the company due to having expensive equipment and facilities of semiconductor line.

Rail Roads

In case of the railway fire, there are some difficulties regarding the access time to the fire site or how to approach to the fire site by fire engine. Especially, if the fire occurs in unfrequented places or on the bridges, it should be more serious damages or be burned down totally. The public property can be saved by YDK Heat Detector Wire to give alarm in advance. Then, it can avoid the situation total destruction by fire.

Conveyor Belts

It should be very vulnerable once carrying a toxic substance ignitable by conveyor belts. When a fire occurs, it spreads quickly and fast to surroundings as well as it gives serious damages to the human body. YDK Heat Detector Wire is installed along the conveyor belts and it detects a heat in advance for protecting expensive facilities and goods.

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